From: Bradley L Mugleston (
Date: Sat Apr 19 1997 - 00:02:22 EDT

Whow!!!! 14 responses on my Tree Question -- The Redwoods sound
beautiful but I've never seen them in Colorado. I had the most
suggestions for Poplars and I know these grow here and do look great. A
few suggested the Blue Spruce - which is also beautiful, but a maturity
get a 20 foot spread (I only have 50 feet on one side of the lot).
Other suggestions included Maples, Aspens, Rohn 25's, Pines and Telephone

I now have some good background information to take to the garden center
and find out what will grow here and how well.

Thanks, now to go and put some wire on the ground and wait for the trees
to be planted. I just got to get on the air more.


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