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From: Chuck Adams (
Date: Wed Apr 16 1997 - 08:14:17 EDT

OK haven't finished the Diet Coke yet and it's real
early at the office, since I got here much earlier
than this. :-) I think that I may be losing my
typing skills rapidly.

Note the keyword in caps in the title. Recommended for
Dayton related topics so that some of the group can use
the kill file for their mailers.

I need someone in Dayton or near to do me a favor. I
am need of a cassette player, a.k.a. a 'boom box' to
be used in a room full of people to demo some off the
air recordings of the good, the bad, and the ugly type
CW along with weak vs. strong signals. Otherwise Delta
Airlines is gonna have to GIVE me an exit row seat for
me and my stereo. :-) ;-)

I assume that the bulletin board will magically reappear
again this year.

Some have asked for rides from the airport to the Days
Inn. I'll let you know when I arrive. I got the tickets
but they aren't in the 'safe place' that I thought I put

Oh, there are no planes for a dayton-l list this year.

dit dit

Chuck Adams K5FO CP-60
WIMPS: Qs=024 30m=19 17m=5 12m=0 States=16/05/00 DX=02/00/00 QSLs=002

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