Re: FYBO Tale of Woe - AL7FS


From: Joe Gervais (
Date: Tue Mar 11 1997 - 23:57:26 EST

Howdy Folks,

Jim (AL7FS) wrote:

> So there you have my tale of woe. Joe said I had to write it up if I
> wanted any chance in FYBO. So as my final whine, I was even coerced
> into writing this saga.

And so goes our second entry in the "My FYBO Sucked More
Than Your FYBO" competition. :-) Yes Jim, you're in the
drawing. Well done! Heehee.

Here's the scoop folks. When setting up a winter field
day, we were worried that some folks (through no fault
of their own) would try their honest best and still not
make the minimum QSOs for the TenTec drawing. Storms,
battery failures in the snow/rain, attacks by roving bands
of rabid ice weasels, etc. Or even terrible condx in DX
states. At the same time we wanted to keep the minimum
QSO requirement to encourage participation.

Hence the FYBO Tales of Woe(tm) category. So if there
are any of you out there who felt cheated by nature,
downtrodden by events, but tried your best for as long
as humanly possible, we want to hear about it. But it
better be good.... :-)

Cheers de AB7TT,

-Joe,, AZ ScQRPions (Phoenix)

"It's the monkeys! The monkeys did it!"

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