FCC FM channel number system


From: Vic Blackwell (blackwel@tlcnet.muohio.edu)
Date: Sat Mar 08 1997 - 16:52:28 EST

Hi Gang,
Anyone here have a clue on how the FCC set up the commercial fm
broadcast channels number system?
I want to listen to reflected signals from over the horizon fm
stations to tell when a meteor ionized a path that will reflect
the stations signal. I have no idea how I will get a qsl card
from a meteor, but I won't say never.
I want to input the station freq into my scanner to correspond
with the fm channel number. I have a 300 memory scanner and I
think it will be enough to do the whole fm band.
Sorry, for the use of the BW, but who else would have the
technical knowledge?
Maybe answer directly would save a little BW.
Vic Ad8k 72/73

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