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From: Brian K. Short KE7GH (
Date: Tue Mar 11 1997 - 20:25:15 EST

Switched from "Digest Mode" to "Live Mode"
as few of my requests were answered privately.
It is tempting to reply to more posts, though,
and as you know there are ~100 daily.

Be that as it may,

1) My post the other day asked about "Operating
Technique" and I have received NOT ONE reply!

2) I am looking to buy ARRL publications and wonder about
inexpensive sources? Do resellers discount them?

3) What opinions exist about the new ARRL QRP book
called "QRP Power" listing for $12?

4) Anyone have "used" books they would like to sell?
Most amateur radio subjects welcome. (In case you didn't
notice, I have a *LOT* to learn!)

5) Anyone have a recent (1996 or 1997) ARRL Handbook
CDROM or hardcopy surplus to their needs? Old QSTs on

6) There was discussion of books recently, but is there
other required reading?

(Public or Private, your choice...)

Brian >or<

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