Re: New ANT; 300% better than monopole????


Date: Tue Mar 11 1997 - 16:12:08 EST

Mark, you wrote:

>Interesting new concept in antennas discussed at:


>Under title of CTHA.

>What do you think???? Fact or Fiction????


Well, I sucked down the file from that web site and printed it. Do we have
another "breakthru" antenna like the Brits announced several years ago?

Who knows the article is writeen with so little detail about operating
conditions, measured data and antenna configuration that it is impossible to
judge. It looks like a publicist who didn't understand it wrote the piece.
Either that or the folks who really know all about it wrote an excellent
treatise and ther mangement/beancounters took out all of the detail so that no
one could copy their design.

Skeptically yours,


Joe E., N2CX

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