Dentron 40m SSB/CW rig


From: Jim W7LS (
Date: Tue Mar 11 1997 - 15:17:42 EST

Hi, gang. I've decided to put this rig up for sale or trade for some ham
goodie, preferably qrp stuff. I'm too mired down in projects to persue this.
Here's the scoop on it:

Fired it up and got a few watts out of it. Receiver isn't the hottest, but
then maybe it has been detuned. It would be a good idea to tune it, I s'pose.
> Description to date:
> transceiver
         Model number MLX-MINI
         Modes: ssb and cw
> 40 meters
> digital readout (LED) to 100 Hz
> does receive
> does transmit
> has RIT
> has switch to turn off meter lamp and LED display for battery life
> chips inside have 1982 manufacture date
> apparently made by Mizuho in Japan to be marketed by Dentron
> size: about 1.5" high by 5" wide by 6" deep(without measuring)
> construction: very solid half cases. Better than HW-8. Thicker metal.
> problems: tuning capacitor is hosed. Need new one. Not critical. I
> clip-leaded a handy capacitor into the circuit and it works
fine. Since display is digital, don't need to worry about
> serial number is "experimental"
> overall impression: dang cute
>That's the scoop, guys! I will try to get a schematic and book from Mizuho.
> $175 seems fair for this, based on the need to change out the
tuning capacitor. I'd consider a swap for some ham goodie, too.

 Tnx/73 de Jim, W7LS Here or at 206-788-0779 days, eves, weekends.

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