Re: I use to be a QRPer BUT...


From: Rothan Maxwell (
Date: Tue Mar 11 1997 - 01:17:06 EST

>In a recent post, Rothan Maxwell concluded a thoughtful message
><< In conclusion, I would like to say that it was not my intention
> to create factions or fights here on the list. We Low Power and
> QRP types have much in common, and I think we can benefit from
> and appreciate each other more by recognizing and understanding
> our differences.
> >>
>What I don't understand is how and why the amateur community has become so
>filled with groups that have an apparently singular narrow focus on one part
>of this hobby, and a corresponding intolerance for those who enjoy some other
>part of this hobby. To me, one of the beauties of it is its tremendous
>variety. Explore one aspect, move on to another, keep learning new things and
>maintain an interest in the broad spectrum that makes up ham radio. I
>remember 30 years ago there were "factions" in the hobby, but seems to have
>gotten so much worse, or maybe the Internet just lets us communicate so much
>better, that we are aware of it more. Whatever, I wish such an intelligent
>group had a bit more maturity in its attitudes to people with other (but
>related) interests. Someone else here recently said "Lighten Up". Can I hear
>an AMEN -this is a hobby! Leave the fanatical passions for other things.
>Tom, NoBS

Wow Tom, when you say no bs, you really mean No BS. [smile].

I sure hope that I didn't come across like a fanatic. Even though I
presently feel more comfortable with the term Low Power Operator, I
don't feel that I am either superior or inferior to my QRPer friends.
I'm sorry if I failed to convey this in my post

73's and Thanks for your input...

Max (nu6u)

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