Re: Keyer modes (A or B)?


From: Bill Jones (
Date: Tue Mar 11 1997 - 01:07:23 EST

Hi Jay,

The difference between iambic mode A and B, according to the 1996 ARRL
Handbook, page 22.18, is as follows:

"With A-type keying, a dot or dash being sent when the paddles are released
is completed, and nothing else is sent. With B-type keying, the keyer
completes the dot or dash being sent upon paddle release, and then sends an
opposite element; that is, a dot after a dash and a dash after a dot."

The handbook goes on to say,

"Suppose you wanted to send the letter "N." If you select A-type keying you
will squeeze first on the dash side and then on the dot side. When you
release the paddles, nothing will be sent after the dot. B-type keying is
slightly less work. Squeeze the dash side, and if you release the paddle
while the dash is being sent, the following dot will automatically be sent.
To send a single dash you must release the paddle *after* the dash has been

Speaking for myself, I find it MUCH easier to use Mode A. Hope this helps
clarify your question.

>Say, anyone know the difference between Mode A and B on these keyers? Have
>a KC-2. I suspect it's character spacing....What's everyone using?
Bill Jones - KD7S <><
Sanger, California
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