Re: 38S: IRF510 5W MODS/Output Filter


Date: Sun Jan 26 1997 - 21:04:14 EST


First, I found the book, so you're out what I'd spend to replace it.
Sometimes the badgers do a decent job. The rest of the time I get lucky.

Second, you are amazing the blazes out of my badgers. All these neato tests
and we all end up getting a much fancier radio than we'd even first imagined.
More neato is that we're all doing this for fun. So much for not enough
intelligent technical stuff appearing on the list, seems to me. Anyone who
can provide the info that you've given on the NC38S to make it a "better"
radio is obviously not sitting around waiting for medication time. (Like me,
frinstance... but that's another story.)

I hope that the NorCal loonies, once they get their post-kitting medication
and have relaxed a little (preferably with unas Coronas Extras... "la cerveza
mas fina de todo el mundo," like the Mexican radio stations of my youth used
to say), that one or another of the scribal folks puts all these mods and
mods to mods in one big chonk of a file and sits 'em out fer us to graze at.
What with the TiCk keyer (which I'm still waffling on with my Peruvian cheese
otter connection), the possibility of a clock/counter/display, the 5 watt
mods upon mods and the Rainbow ATU/bridge set up, it's starting to look like
the NC38S is gonna be one of those "damn, I wish I'd bought one" deals.

Damn glad I bought one... even if it doesn't come until after Ramadan... but
that's another story.

Tnx to all for this marvelous experiment & radio lesson. Or, as Paul asked
facetiously, "Are we having fun yet?" I know that I am just sittin' on the
porch with the washin' machine waitin' for the dogs to tell me that the
mailman's on his way.


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