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From: Ed Tanton (
Date: Sun Jan 26 1997 - 20:17:32 EST

Well Dan... 100MHz would be nice... but basically a 'scope can 'see'
reasonably well to about 20% past its rated bandwidth. It can display an
ac/rf signal probably as much as twice its bandwidth, but the rated
bandwidth is referring mostly to the accuracy of the representation the
display depicts. The further past that bandwidth you go, the LESS
what-you-see is what-is-really-there.

A 50MHz scope would be ok looking at 30 MHz signals-probably including the
faster-risetime events such as keyclicks/etc. To see those leading edges in
their most accurate presentation, you probably WOULD need a 'scope capable
of near 100MHz operation AND delayed sweep to get at it.

To see and adjust the amplitude or phasing of a given signal you do not
need nearly so much capability. But with the prices of 'scopes being what
they are these days, you can buy a lot of capability for not all that much
$$$. THAT is one of the main reasons the boat anchor 530-540 series Tek
scopes can be had so cheaply. Their modern superiors are just not that
expensive-and can be had surplus (look at the MIL surplus Tek
7600-series... they're great bargains, cost vs. performance-wise.)

So would I TAKE one of those old scopes (if I didn't have one?) Yes...
it'll make a nice learning tool. Would I BUY one... not for more than $25
(not counting collector-quality... another ballgame entirely.) I hope that
answers your question(s).


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