AL7FS - FSFD Volume 4 - Memory Download


From: Jim and Nancy Larsen (
Date: Sun Jan 26 1997 - 19:22:47 EST

Greetings from Alaska,

I do want to thank each of you for taking the time to be there to work
me from Alaska. If you had not made the effort, I would have been
shouting in the darkness. I wish the other 18 states could have been
there as I suspect I would have heard them, too.

It is truely a sight to see those beams up on the top of 125 foot
towers. The five elements on 20 and the three elements on 40. I
actually used the 160 mtr inverted V at 150 feet for 30 meters. I did
try 15 meters but it was not open from up here. Again, in summary, the
reasons you heard me:
15 meters = 5 elements over 5 elements (Hygain 155 Long Johns) at
            125 and 72 feet.
20 meters = Hygain 205 (5 elements) at 125 feet
30 meters = Dipole at 100 feet (unfortunately it is E-W so pattern
            is North-South)
40 meters = 3 elements at 125 feet
80 meters = slopers
160 meters = Inverted V at 150 feet.

My thanks go to Dan, KL7Y, a recognized contester and DXer, for the use
of his shack. Dan has set many records with his station. He "warns" me
that when 15 opens, I will be fighting off pileups from Europe just to
work stateside. Well....maybe not if QRP, but he says he sometimes
reduces power to about 20 watts, just to get the pileup down to a
manageable size.

I was able to use an N2DAN paddle. Wow! Maybe someday I will qualify
for FOC and can get one. You can't just order them, or so I am told.
One ham up here has one and he has agreed (get this), to will (put the
paddle in his will) his N2DAN paddle to KL7Y. True story. I hear they
cost up to $400 US.

I was happy with the pace of the FSFD. I was a tiny bit worried about
it at first but found the approx. 20 QSOs per hour to be just fine. I
concentrated on one QSO at a time and went for solid 2xQSOs before I
moved on. I hope no one minded that I did not chat. That was by
choice and design.

to me: Since you all knew the format, more or less, did my format work
for you?
callsign, ur rst 559 559 AK AK Jim BK
BK RRR TU name 73 de AL7FS K

to you: It was fine to say BK ur rst 559 559 QTH XX XX NAME nnnn nnnn,
it was fine for me to receive: BK ur rst 559 559 XX XX name name BK

However, please use only two letter Post Office state abbrev. I was
real confused a few times. (I may have passed my EXTRA class license
but I am not that good.) Also, please no city names.

I tried to slow down when you sent to me slower. If I did not and you
wish I had, I apologize. I had to ask a few ragged (really ragged)
fists to QRS. I am not good at 45 wpm characters spaced at 15 wpm.
Everyone adapted and all readable QSOs started were finished.

After thought: Today, at home, with a KLM KT-34A at 42 feet, 20 meters
was barely open. I would bet you, from KL7Y it would be just like
yesterday. Sigh.

That's about it. I do not promise that Volume 4 is the last, but it may
be. You all were great and not a soul criticized me for having to move
frequency to get out from under the digital sigs. I do wish the digest
folks could have had more warning but....well, that's just the way it

Best of luck to all on the rest of FSFD and I do hope to talk Dan, KL7Y,
into letting me operate again from his station. He does many contests,
so I have to work around his schedule. Probably best not to be on
during a contest anyway, with all the QRM.

Best wishes from Alaska,


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