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From: Joel Malman (malman@BBN.COM)
Date: Sun Jan 26 1997 - 19:14:44 EST

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Date: Sun, 26 Jan 1997 14:45:31 -0900 (AKST)
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To: Joel Malman <malman@BBN.COM>
From: Dan Robbins <kl7y@Alaska.NET>
Subject: Re: AL7FS qrt

At 02:52 AM 1/26/97 EST, you wrote:
>Dan ...
>I heard that you let Jim use your station in this FSFD effort. And I have
>heard some scratchy details of just how great a station setup you have.
>Being an admirer (sp) of great stations (gosh knows I don't have one),
>please tell us about ur station.
>tnx .. 73
>/joel wa1qvm (concord, ma)


I've unsubscribed to the QRP reflector as I joined briefly just to help Jim.
If you want to forward this to the relector, I don't mind. My 6 acre QTH is
in a wooded area about 35 miles NNE of Anchorage. I have 2 neighbors in my
"subdivision", one raises hybrid wolves, the other seems intent on raising
many children. The QTH is on a small ridge and from the top of the towers
there is nothing higher in any direction until you hit the distant
mountains. It is a good, quiet QTH with no obstructions higher than 4
degrees in any direction.

On 20 meters Jim was using the 205BA at 125' plus a 204BA at 60'. The
normal 30 meter antenna is a dipole at 100', but this antenna runs E-W and
has a null right on stateside. Jim wound up using a 160m inverted vee at
150' on 30 meters because it worked better than the dipole. On 40 meters,
the antenna is a 3 el yagi made from old Hy-Gain 402BA elements with a new
38' boom. This antenna is also at 125'. On 80 there is a pair of phased
slopers going east off of 2 of the 125' towers. Jim listened on 15 but
didn't get an opening - there's a pair of stacked Hy-Gain 155BAs at 125' and
75'. For 10 meters, there's another stack of Hy-Gains at 132' and 75'. On
6 meters, there's a Hy-Gain 6 el at 60'. I prefer the Hy-Gains because they
seem to hold up in the winds. A few hours after Jim left the winds picked
up, gusting to 70 mph over night.

What I wanted was a select QTH with a good, rugged antenna system. Jim's
success with a puny 5 watts certainly validates my goals. Maybe he can come
up someday when conditions are really good....

                                        Dan KL7Y

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