Re: ANT: NEC4WIN Vert modelling & rambling


From: Clay N4AOX (
Date: Sun Jan 26 1997 - 15:49:27 EST

L. B. Cebik wrote:
> NEC4WIN is a public domain version of MININEC 3 with a Wondows interface.
> As such, it is comparable in power to ELNEC, W7EL's DOS-based version of
> MININEC, or K6STI's MN portion of AO. MININEC 3 is subject to several
> limitations:
> 1. It is limited in the total number of segments that may enter into
> calculations.
> 2. Horizontal antennas must be at least 0.2 wavelengths above ground for
> reasonable accuracy.
> 3. Do not expect accuracy from vertical antenna models, since development
> of good radial systems is diffiocult at best and plots over perfect ground
> are highly misleading.
> 4. Angles of 90 degrees in wires require segment length tapering toward
> the angled junction for resonable accuracy, making loops, rectangles,
> quads, and other such antennas more difficult to model accurately.
> Compared to other programs, NEC4WIN's evaluation software is a bit of a
> toy, relative to serious antenna modeling. We shall see what the fully
> capable program has to offer when it arrives. However, as an introduction
> to what is involved in modeling, it may be an inexpensive tutorial. Just
> do not assume that all output values are accurate to reality until you
> have done a fairly good load of modeling and get a good feel for the
> program possibilities and limitations.

Hi L.B.,
If you have corresponded with the publisher of NEC4WIN you may understand that
the software in public domain is somewhat limited. The purchased version
addresses some of the weaknesses you mention, although I am not sure about
the auto-optimum-meshing. ORION has a ver. 1.6c which is free for the asking
that addresses some of the earlier evaluation version instabilities. Also
the authors provide work-arounds for some of the residual problematic areas.
You are correct to point out that there are more serious modelers and that
NEC4WIN may seem like a toy or an inexpensive tutorial in comparison.
This was the point I was trying to make about the term "better". Obviously
you get what you pay for unless you share a site license.

Clay N4AOX

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