From: Jeff M. Gold (
Date: Sun Jan 26 1997 - 15:42:05 EST

well finally had some time and started to scrounge through my many
unsorted junk parts piles for the parts for the three mods (and
thanks to Brian Short for posting the info.. really appreciated

I managed to find most of the parts.

can't find a IRF510.. any substitutes, if not it is only $2 from

for the power mod it calls for a 18 K resistor, can I get by with
a 21.9K?

for the Tick it calss for a 270K and a 560K, can I substitute a
220K and a 470k (available at RS)?

the only other part I need is the 1 K pot (can't I use a 10k with
a 1k resistor in parallel?)think that would make it pretty close.

then only would leave me a 6.8 uh molded choke.

the problem is the parts places usually have min. or charge a
bunch for postage.

anyone have a choke and the 3 resistors they want to sell?

anyhelp and suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Jeff, AC4HF

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