FS: Empire Of The Air


From: 'AB7HI' Stephen Lee (slee@u.washington.edu)
Date: Sun Jan 26 1997 - 04:27:15 EST

This is the book (authored by Tom Lewis) that the video documentary
of the same name was based on. Is very good reading of the early
history of wireless, amateur radio, radio broadcasting, and
television. Chronicles the transition from the eras of individual
achievement to government intervention and corporate manipulation.
Triumph to trajedy, from the turn of the century through 2 world
wars, it's nearly all here. Presented in a manner befitting a master's
thesis with facts, figures, dates, and references yet with a style that
engages one's interest. It helps you to understand that the amateur radio
hobby has always been, and will continue to be, in a state of transition.

Out of print in the easier to read, larger paged, hardbound edition.
I have 2 of these in excellent condition for sale at $25.00US each,
includes shipping. Comes with library style plastic covered covers.
Also have 1 paperback edition for sale at $10.00US shipped. Cover
price shows $16.00US, $22.50CAN for the paperback edition.

If there's sufficient interest I will collect names and draw from
a hat this coming Tuesday evening. Send email stating your preference
for the hardbound or paperback edition. 73 and good reading!

Stephen Lee, AB7HI, Tacoma, WA

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