More clues fer KC-1 problem


From: T. PETTIBONE (tpettibo@NMSU.Edu)
Date: Sun Dec 29 1996 - 23:21:03 EST

It's getting more curious. I got to get a scope!

Upon further investigation:

        the RIT no longer works on the sigs that I can hear thru the
constant sidetone

        the sidetone gets louder as I tune lower in frequency or as the RF
pot gets toward the bottom end of its range or if I remove the antenna
from the rig

Someone suggested that I've got a solder bridge but the KC-1 works ok and
the 6 or so lines to the 40A seem to be clear of bridges, even checked
with magnifier light.


p.s. I'll bet it's something really stupid - pictures at 11!

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