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From: Bill Myers (bmyers@destin.nfds.net)
Date: Mon Dec 23 1996 - 08:52:02 EST

Hi All,

Nice to see Nils back. Heard a lot about him, though I've never met him.
Certainly adds a different perspective to QRP'ing... BTW Nils, tell your
wife the Rainbow Tuner disarms the 38 Special so it will be safe and she'll
probably let you have one. My wife let me get 2, so I can have a pair of
"safe 38's".

I'm still looking for any information on the HW-7/8/9's. My last request
did produce references to a few older publications which I am looking for,
but little else. The original Hot Water Handbook is really hard to find so
far. I do have the HW-8 Handbook, it has some good info. I plan to add a
page on my homepage exclusively for the HW-7/8/9 series with information and

I did receive a number of requests for passing the info I receive on to
other HW-7/8 owners. To those, I will as I get it. Maybe there is enough
interest to start a HW-7/8/9 reflector?????

And I have a request!!!!!!!!!!!! I have seen a number of questions about the
HW-8 lately, could the answers be cc'd to the list for all the other HW-8
owners????????????? P L E A S E !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On the other hand, I recently received, FREE, about 2 dozen copies of CQ
magazine from the 1980. Lots of interesting articles on QRP operations and
equipment, there are a couple of mostly QRP issues. Wish the prices for the
gear was still that cheap!!!

Speaking of CHEAP, lookit all the gear coming available for $25.00 + $3.00
S/H. Ain't QRP'ing GREAT, and inexpensive.............???????????

72/73 and Merry Christmas to ALL

Bill Myers	KK4KF	Grid - EM60rk
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