Re: Ham Musicians


From: Pete Hardie (
Date: Sat Dec 07 1996 - 12:45:22 EST

> J. Skalski wrote:
> > Has anyone noticed a correlation between
> > Mathematics, Music and code proficiency?

I have a theory, FWIW, that music per se is not the thing you should be
looking for. It is the ability to repeat a rhythm that may correlate with
ability to learn code. Being able to repeat a drumbeat pattern is probably
an indicator that someone will be able to learn code with greater ease
than someone who can't reproduce the pattern.
But that doesn't tell you anything about how motivated the person is to
learn the code in the first place :-)


P.S. I really doubt that ability in math would be much of a predictor of
code ability. However, it would certainly be an impediment to getting
through other exam elements if you feel that long division is a miracle.

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