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From: Monte Stark (
Date: Fri Nov 29 1996 - 22:07:33 EST

On Fri, 29 Nov 1996, Ron Giuntini wrote:

> How can the QRO guys justify running 1000 watts when 150 is more than enough
> for normal communications?

I'll bet we could get a lot of differnt definitions of "normal comm"!

> I have read the Kurt N Sterba column for years
> and I have gathered enough knowledge to see that the extra few dB you pick
> up with a linear amp are not worth the trouble.. Why can't the antennas do
> the work? They can and do.

Not quite....and not always. To prove this, just listen to the BC
stations. 50KW and Great antennas! The little 5KW boys just fade into
the QRN.

That's not to say that they could more often than not manage to
have their QSOs without all that power. But it's not always
wrong to use it either.

There are a large number of QRPers who think using big antennas is
a form of cheating. They think that you should use nothing more than
a dipole and etc!

So each one of us operates they way it makes us feel best. For those of
us on this list, it's QRP more than QRO!


73, Ron,

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