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From: Ed Tanton (
Date: Fri Nov 29 1996 - 20:11:38 EST

At 03:11 PM 11/29/96 -0800, Ron Giuntini wrote:
>How can the QRO guys justify running 1000 watts when 150 is more than enough
>for normal communications? I have read the Kurt N Sterba column for years
>and I have gathered enough knowledge to see that the extra few dB you pick
>up with a linear amp are not worth the trouble.. Why can't the antennas do
>the work? They can and do. I just wanted to get this off of my chest after
>reading how somebody is turning down the power on his 730. That is the way
>to go.
> Ron

There are two reasons Ron: 1)There is a very competitive bunch of guys out
there who will go to at least any length to "keep up with the Jones'es"-or
even worse beat the Jones'es in order of answer in DX-pedition pileups. I
know several relatively law abiding hams who fire up their two-hole Alphas
using RG-17 by necessity I might add) ONLY for those extremely rare
ones-that does not EXCUSE them, it is WHY however. Otherwise, they are
reasonable guys. And they don't begin to touch the guys with 4CX3000's and
the like.

2)OK, I'm gonna get some serious flack on this, but I believe I have
experienced conditions on 80M and below where 1500W-out has gotten through
the noise level and 100 simply was not hearable at the other station. I
have only observed this once on 20M, when in communication with the South
Pole, and under every bad condition there are letters for: we tried lower
power, to absolutely no avail. I have also tried this on 80M and
(especially) 160M several times-as a matter of interest. Some of the time
it worked OK, and some of the time it didn't. The DIFFERENCE was seasonal &
solar noise. I know any such information is purely anecdotal-with few
samples and many variables. But it has been enough to satisfy me that there
are times and places when power will punch through an otherwise untenable
noise level.

Something that needs pointing out: one of the friends with the 2-hole
Alphas DOES do his antenna work: he has a 4 element wide spaced quad for
20-up and many other antennas for below that. I would not like to be a bird
flying in front of the focal point of that quad at the wrong moment.

But NONE of this answers your fundamental question: How can they justify
running QRO. The answer is, that for MOST HF communications, under MOST
conditions, there is absolutely NO justifying 1000-1500W...NONE. It is not
necessary, it is not useful, it is not a proper usage of bandwidth, and it
is against the rules, in that we are required to use the minimum power
necessary for a reliable QSO.

Most of all to me, it is just plain BORING!!! I honestly think there is
MORE FUN in the operations discussed here on QRP-L than can be found in
YEARS of HI-POWER, BLASE' easy-come easy-go operations. I think more and
more people are realizing the great fun to be had in QRP, and the activity
and club membership numbers bear that out. Talk about your oxymorons: QRP

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