QRP satellites!


From: Michael Herr (herr@ridgecrest.ca.us)
Date: Fri Nov 29 1996 - 18:57:47 EST

Hello gang,
      The QRP satellites, RS-10 and RS-12 are begining to come into play
again in the late evenings. The signals are strong and QRP can get you in
to the fun. Just imagine them as a new band with short but definite
openings! There is just not enough folks on them. Give it a try, all the
info needed is on the AMSAT pages. Need help on when to listen, drop me a
line on where you are at in terms of longitude and latitude and I'll send
you off some times. Remember, for RS12 all you need is a qrp 15 meter
transmitter and a 10 meter receiver, or if you have a rig that will do a
band split, your there! You will need either an Advance or Extra ticket
vy 72

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