Re: More 40-meter-loop info


From: David D. Meacham (
Date: Fri Nov 29 1996 - 12:46:44 EST

Hi Bob,

If driven in a lower corner the polarization is a mixture of vertical and
horizontal. This is OK if you want some close-in coverage (the horiz.
component). But, if you are interested in low-angle DX coverage only, as
I think you want, the place to feed it is 1/4-wavelength down from the
apex (on either slant wire). Break the wire, put in an insulator, and
attach the balanced feed line. I support my feed line from a 4X4 post,
which also anchors the lower corner of the loop. I run a "messenger line"
of guy wire from the post to the shack. From it I hang the 72-Ohm feed
line with spaced loops of black tie wraps. You can use 300-Ohm twinlead
or open wire line, too. If you don't want the line to act as a
transformer, make it a multiple of an electrical 1/2-wave (69.34 feet at
7.05MHz for open wire. Multiply by velocity factor if not open wire).
You will need a tuner with balanced output (Johnson "Match Box" or one
with a Balun).

72, Dave, W6EMD

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