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From: chuck adams (adams@chuck.dallas.sgi.com)
Date: Sun Nov 24 1996 - 21:26:00 EST

I did this early Saturday morning but computer went
down in the middle of getting ready to post. Wierd

And when I say early I mean early.

------cut here-------

OK Gang,

Good ideas. So Jim and Mike are in charge until
they find a committee of help if they want to go that
route or if they can do this individually that'll be
even better. Committees waste too much time. So until
they post for help they have autonomous say in what goes
on. It's their ideas at work.

Jim, K3QIO, is in charge of the WASS (Worked All States
Short) and Mike, K1MG, is in charge of the WASL (Worked
All States Long) exercise. They either may give up the
position at any time, since I 'volunteered' them for the
job. :-) Squeeky wheel gets the grease syndrome.

Jim wants to get all 50 states in 50 days going. Great.
Some ideas that might or might not work. 1. Do them
in alphabetical order, 2. Don't tie it to any one band
and let 'em pick the band they have the antenna and rigs
for or need state(s) on, and 3. just pick the stations
to be the ones to contact for each band if there are
too many as will be the case for CA, TX, and some others.
DE, RI, AK, ND, SD, and others you will have a shortage
of volunteers and 4. only the state of the day/week can
call CQ for the exchange to count/work. The volunteers
pick the time slots and bands. Hey they do all the work.

Mike can do the same on a weekly basis. Mike has a more
difficult decision to make as to whether to drag it out
for 50 weeks (my personal choice) or do multi states per
week. Mike I can tell you that you do not want more
than one per week. The overhead will kill you.

You guys figure out how you want to do it and then post
the rules and a call for volunteers. Be prepared. :-)
Don't anyone bother them with ideas just yet. Let them
think about this and then make the decision(s). It is
pressure I know.

Electronic logs from the 'station from the state' should
count for something, maybe a QRP-L WAS certificate for
more than 30 states. QSL exchanges required for ARRL,
ARCI, and other WAS awards. Mike and Jim will call
the shots on this one for a yearly piece of paper 97, 98...
Economics is critical in this area that's why I picked
30 and they may want to go for just having all 50 to
get it.

Now as a side note. Cam, N6GA, just posted the Dec 1
contest rules for the HomeBrew ARCI test. If you really
want to get some states that you need, I strongly urge
each and everyone to enter the contest and submit logs.
(Cam doesn't want to see that, but let's set a record
here ;-) ) These contacts as well as contacts with
other ARCI members do count towards the WAS. It may
be easier as QRPers looking for QRPers as they have
better ears and you also have QRM but it's just quieter.

If you took notes on all the postings for SS, both CW
and SSB, all the guys racked up a significant state count.
I was one away from WAS in a 24 hour period. You guys in
WY need to enter next year. :-)

Now some purists will say that knowing when and where a
state is on the bands isn't really fair. That's up to
the individual. But some of us are taking years to get
'em all. I just hope that I live long enough to get
the KL7 on 40 and 30m. :-) It's not easy and we don't
want it too easy, that's what goals are for. It is really
all about getting the job done and work and confirm all

OK, this gonna be hard to believe but this is my only
posting on this topic. It is now out of my hands and
into Jim and Mike's. Thanks guys. Enjoy.

My eighty meter count from the house is still at 3.
I must admit that my modified Windom just isn't doing
the job on 80m. SLV on 80m might be the next option.
I have the same noise level as most other people.
Although the freeze coming will quieten down things a bit.

dit dit
Chuck Adams (K5FO CP-60) WAS 40m/30m/20m=49/49/50
EMPS QSOs=109 STATES(w/c)=34/2 DX=0

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