Re: The 40-9er as a Lean, Mean, DX-Machine


From: Bob Kellogg (
Date: Sun Nov 24 1996 - 20:48:31 EST

Hi Bill,
At 03:25 AM 11/24/96 -0800, you wrote:
>Sorry, but I just couldn't help myself. I jumped right into the middle of
>the CQ WW DX Contest with my "Collins 40-9er" and worked JA1JKG, RA0FF,
>JH5FXP, 4V2A, RA0FA, JH7WKQ and JA1YDU from central California, all within
>about an hour. Power output was 750 mW to a roof-mounted Butternut HF6V-X
>vertical. While this probably "aint no big thing" to some, I can't help
>but wonder if I'm the first to work Japan, Asiatic Russia or Haiti with a

First or not, looks like a super job to me. Bet it was great fun, too! You
know, Bill, I heard a rumor that you have a linear under the hood of that
"Collins 40-9er" :-)


Bob Kellogg, AE4IC
Prolably, but not nececelery. - Benny Hill

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