re: mini-dxpedition


From: Phil, AC6LS (
Date: Sun Nov 24 1996 - 14:10:40 EST

I want to thank those that have responded to my first announcement.

But I think that I need to clarify my position.

1. The trip to FIJI is a VACATION (Holiday)! If I'll be doing anything,
   it will be taking scuba lessons or relaxing.

2. I enjoy amateur radio, and would love to take my Kenwood 850, and
   all the goodies to match, but that would require too many resources.
   QRP gear will be no problem to haul around. (everything takes up less
   space than the 850, not to mention access to a reliable power supply)

   and all you nay sayers to QRP, shame on you. The object is FUN, not a
   serious competition. Again, I refer you to number 1, above.

3. I havent operated outside the US, and I know that doing so requires
   some planing. Think about it, what do you need to know? There are
   many things, Licensing, Freq privleges, CUSTOMS(gov.),not to mention
   accomidations. (and- ??)
   There are plenty of Experinced and/or Knowledgeable people here on
   QRP-L. Who else would know?

   This is NOT something you can do overnight. That is why I sent my
   original message.

4. I work for a living, and my vacations must be determined, well, this
   month for next year. I just dont see their being enough time for a
   trip in early '97, so '98 it will be.

5. If anyone knows of a DX-pedition, and they need assistance/operators,
   let me know!

thanks for the bw, 72 de Phil

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