HOAX! Was: Internet Question


From: Paul R. Valko (prvalko@Oakland.edu)
Date: Sun Nov 24 1996 - 00:07:01 EST

On Sat, 23 Nov 1996 Dave.Ackrill@westwood45.powergen.co.uk wrote:

> OK I know it's not QRP, but as people have said before "this is a
> place to get good advice".

You got that right.

> A guy at work forwarded the following to everyone at work, including
> the bosses and IT departments, and it is likely to cause a bit of a
> panic, witch hunts, removal of access to the internet etc., could
> someone advise whether this is a scare or real please?

It's a fake. Its previous reincarnations have been posted to QRP-L
several times in the past. And your bosses, etc, have proven how
clueless they are by forwarding this BS through their organization.

Folks, here's another free tip. Next time you get one of these dire
warnings... before you forward it to every other email address and mail
list... take fifteen seconds to do a little homework on it. Go to ANY
internet serch engine and type in the NAME of the virus/hoax/scare, and
get the straight scoop on it.. Once our entire organization got caught up
in the "dieing kid wants 1,000,000 business cards" Urban Legend, and I
took a minute to call the "Make a Wish Foundation" to find out it was a

The more "real" the message sounds, the more fake it probably is.

73! =paul= w8kc

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