KnightLites 80M Milliwatters


From: Paul Stroud (
Date: Fri Nov 15 1996 - 19:20:43 EST

Hi Gang,

      Last week's KL Roundtable saw plenty of QRPeanut whistlers,
including N2TNN in New Jersey (90mW), WJ4P in South Carolina (100mW),
KE4KDT in Kentucky (20mW), and WO3B in Maryland (150 mW).
Congratulations to Dean, Randy, Roy, and Bob for checking into the net
with such low power. Your mW certificates are on the way. Word has it
that WJ4P is going to try checking in with 10mW next session. N3GO was
trying to QNI with about 20 femtowatts, but nobody heard Gary. Sorry,

      We also had a bodacious turnout from the East Coast and beyond.
Here are some soapbox comments: Can't find my DSP cable (WJ4P),
Added some more counterpoise to my antenna (WB0CLD), Now running a
horizontal antenna up 20' (VE3SP), I copy KE4KDT (20mW) RST 229 (K3TKS),
I copy him RST 119 (AD4ZE). Snow almost brought my long wire down

      Congratulations to old friends with new calls, including
Zack W1VT (ex-KH6CP), Paul W8KC (ex-WB8ZJL), Chas W3KC (ex-W8KUX), and
Malcolm N7GS (ex-AA7WT). Nice calls, guys.....If present conditions
persist, maybe we'll be hearing from some more QRP'ers from out West.

      The Knightlites meet each Sunday night, beginning at 0230Z
(9:30PM EST) on 3710 KHz. We invite newcomers to stop by and say hello.
It's a good way to get to know your QRP neighbors. Check in with 100W,
10W, or 10 uW-- whatever it takes to get through.

      The following KnightOwls joined in the Rountable this past
session, Nov 10:

N1RXT Chuck Chelmsford, MA 4W 449
W2DKC Dominick New Hyde Park, NY 439
AA1BK Steve Raleigh, NC 5W 549 Attic Dipole
WZ2T Rick Duane, NY 5W 439 Dipole @ 50'
N2TNN Dean Somerset, NJ 90mW 439
AE4IC Bob Greensboro, NC 5W 599 Horiz Loop
WB0CLD Bill St. Charles, MO 5W 589 LW w/counterpoise
W1VT Zack Newington, CT 4W 579 Horiz Loop
KE4RUO Jim Angier, NC 7W 599 Dipole
WJ4P Randy Summerville, SC 100mW 599 Vertical
N1QQV Ken Madison, CT 5W 589
WB8YGG Brad Brockport, NY 5W 599+ Dipole
AD4ZE Warren Cary, NC 10W 599+ Dipole
N8CQA Buck Marysville, MI 4W 339 160M Dipole @ 20'
W8KC Paul Oakland Township, MI 4W 589
VE3SP Ron Hamilton, ON 5W 579 Dipole @ 20'
KC1FB Jim Norwalk, CT 1W 579 CF Zepp @ 60'
WO3B Bob Pasadena, MD 150mW 449
K3TKS Danny Silver Spring, MD 1W 599 Loop
AA6UL Ralph Charlottesville, VA 1W 589 Dipole
KE4KDT Roy Prestonsburg, KY 20mW 229 Inv Vee
WA4NID Dave Durham, NC 1W 599 Dipole
W3KC Chas Kensington, MD 5W 599+ Zepp
N4EUK Steve Reston, VA 5W 449 100' LW, FT-840
WB4LZQ Kim Piedmont, SC 5W 599+ Inv Vee @ 50'
WA8LCZ Byron Warren, MI 5W 329 Gap Vertical
N7GS Malcolm Bozeman, MT 10W 339
AA4XX Paul Raleigh, NC 5W (NCS) 80M OCF Dipole @ 60'
Also heard was KC6EI?, but copy was not confirmed. Was I hearing
things??? :-)
72 till next Sunday night -Paul AA4XX

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