10 Meter Beacon List


From: William K Hibbert (wb2vuo@juno.com)
Date: Fri Nov 15 1996 - 22:12:37 EST

                10 METER BEACONS, The Packet & HEARD List

Hi. These are the beacons I have heard, or have received confirmation of
via packet, QSL cards or Snail Mail so far this year. If you have a
list, or are presently operating a beacon on 10 Meters, please post it,
drop me a note so an accurate list can be compiled.

72/73, Keith, WB2VUO, QRP-L #582, ARRL LM, TS (WNY Section), VP/BARK,
Trustee, KB2YTW/B 10 Mtr Milliwatting Beacon (250 mW @ 28.2870 MHz)
"In the Depths of the Great Bergen Swamp...FN13ac"

FREQUENCY CALL QTH/Grid Square Other Info

28.1050 MHz(LSB)N8FIS Fremont, OH:Packet BBS, 300 Baud w/Mail Beacon
28.1750 MHz VE3TEN FN25,Ottawa, ON Heard via AU
28.1825 MHz SV3AQR Amalias, Greece 4W/Vert:Via Packet
28.1860 MHz ZS6PW KG44de, Pretoria, RSA Via IT9/AA0RN,Packet
28.1950 MHz IY4M JN54qk,Bolognia 20W/Vert:Via IT9/AA0 RN,Packet
28.1970 MHz VE7MTY/B CN89,Vancouver, BC 5W/Vert: Via Packet
28.1980 MHz LU5FSY FF98gs,Rafeal, Arg. Via Packet
28.2030 MHz ZS5VHF Durban, RSA Via Packet
28.2036 MHz KD6UVN/B DM13cn,Laguna Beach, CA/Via Packet
28.2040 MHz DL0IGI Germany 100W/Vert:Via IT9/AA0RN,Packet
28.2060 MHz KJ4X/B EM84pw,Pickens,SC 1.5 W:Via Packet
28.2090 MHz NX2O/B FN30 Heard via AU
28.2100 MHz KC4DPC/B Wilmington, NC Reported by K2VI/4
28.2110 MHz LA4TEN JP20mg,Sotra Island Via Packet
28.2150 MHz GB3RAL IO91in,Didcot Backscatter?
28.2150 MHz KA9SZX/B Champaign, IL 1W/Vert:Heard via Es
28.2180 MHz W8UR/B Mackinaw City, MI 500mw(!):Via KA2RRK,Packet
28.2200 MHz 5B4CY KM64pr,Zyyi Via Packet
28.2200 MHz KB9DJA/B EM69,Mooresville, IN Heard via Es
28.2215 MHz K5PF/B Apex, NC 8 W/Vert: Heard via Es
28.2230 MHz HG5GEW JN86nq,Tapolca 10 W/Vert: Via Packet
28.2300 MHz ZL2MHF RE78bu, Mt. Climie 1W/FSK: Via Packet
28.2300 MHz KQ4TG/B FM14,Leland, NC Heard via Es
28.2330 MHz KD4EC/B Jupiter, FL Heard via Es
28.2345 MHz N6TWX/B EM73xv (GA) Heard via Es
28.2350 MHz VE1CBZ Fredricton, NB Heard Via Es
28.2375 MHz LA5TEN JO59jv,Oslo Via GM3YOR,Packet
28.2400 MHz VA3SBB EN58,Thunder Bay,ON Via KA2RRK,Packet
28.2400 MHz AB8Z/B Parma, OH Heard via Es
28.2441 MHz WA6APQ/B Long Beach, CA Via Packet & Es
28.2450 MHz VE9BEA FN66,Crabbe Mt, NB: 3w/Vert:Via KA2RRK,Packet
28.2500 MHz WJ9Z/B EN62bx,St. Francis, WI/Heard via Es
28.2500 MHz EA3JA JN11bi,Barcelona Via IT9/AA0RN,Packet
28.2500 MHz S55ZRS JN76mc,Mt. Kum, Yugo Via IT9/AA0RN,Packet
28.2500 MHz Z21ANB KG47,Zimbabwe Via IT9/AA0RN,Packet
28.2520 MHz OH2TEN KP20ag,Lohja Via IT9/AA0RN,Packet
28.2540 MHz WA4SLT/B Lousy Keying, hard to copy the call:Hrd via Es
28.2550 MHz KD4BFF/B FM05ou,Morrisville, NC/Heard via Es
28.2570 MHz DK0TEN JN57np,Konstanz,Ger Via IT9/AA0RN,Packet
28.2590 MHz KA1NSV/B Cape Cod, MA Very Short Es!
28.2650 MHz LU1FHH FF98, Santa Fe Very reliable indicator
28.2700 MHz KF4MS/B St. Pete, FL 5 Watts/Vert
28.2756 MHz WB8TLC/B Reported by K2VI/4
28.2760 MHz DF0AAB JO54gh,Kiel, Ger Via IT9/AA0RN,Packet
28.2790 MHz W2RTB/B FN12ix,Victor, NY 2W/Moved from 28.2825 MHz
28.2800 MHz K5MW/B EM10, Austin, TX Via Packet
28.2820 MHz OK0EG JO70,Hradec Kralove Via IT9/AA0RN,Packet
28.2830 MHz W0ERE/B EM36iw,S.W. MO (Moves around),reported by K2VI/4
28.2835 MHz K8LKC/B Three Rivers, MI 1 W/Vert:Via Es
28.2840 MHz KJ7AZ/B 10,000' up in WY Via Es
28.2850 MHz N2JNT/B FN32,Troy, NY 1W/GP:Reported by K2VI/4
28.2860 MHz KB2YTW/B FN13ac,Bergen, NY 4W/Vert/BBAMS Club BCN
28.2898 MHz WJ5O EL17 Reported by K2VI/4
28.2900 MHz NQ3G/B Berwick, PA Reported by K2VI/4
28.2900 MHz SK5TEN JO89kk,Strengnes 75W/Omni:Via IT9/AA0RN,Packet
28.2900 MHz KE4YVL/B Randleman, NC Heard via Es
28.2910 MHz KB9NV/B Collinsville, IL 5 W: Via Es
28.2940 MHz SK2TEN JO95hb,Kristenburg: 5W/Vert:Via IT9/AA0RN,Packet
28.2960 MHz W3VD/B FM19ne, JHU/APL, 10W/Vert:Reported by K2VI/4
28.2990 MHz NU9J/B Clarksville, TN Via Packet
28.2990 MHz VE9MS/B FN65, Fredericton, NB 5Watts/Loop, via Es
28.3222 MHz WA8YWO/B Reported by K2VI/4
List as of 15 November, 1996

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