Phone Sweeps, QRP, 10 Meters and Novice/Tech +


From: William K Hibbert (
Date: Fri Nov 15 1996 - 22:10:05 EST

This is the Phone weekend for the ARRL Sweepstakes. I will be on running

One thing that is important is to use the highest usable band, but
another factor is the Novice/Tech+ ops out there. In the Phone weekend,
28.300 - 28.500 is the ONLY chunk of spectrum that they can compete in.
Not due to experience, desire, equipment availability, but due to their
band limits.

Even if the band seems flatter than flat, plop down on 28.4 MHz, +/_ QRM
and call a CQ or 3. We can't give a convincing argument for upgrading
if we shun and ignore these ops. I will be on 28.4 MHz on the top of
the hour for whatever time I can get on the band(s), and if 10 opens up,
you'll need a crowbar to pry me loose from the band.

Check out the beacons before Sweeps, and LISTEN, LISTEN, LISTEN, but call
occasionally as receivers don't make enough noise to be heard by
themselves (normally...)

72/73, Keith, WB2VUO, QRP-L #582, ARRL LM, TS (WNY Section), VP/BARK,
Trustee, KB2YTW/B 10 Mtr Milliwatting Beacon (250 mW @ 28.2870 MHz)
"In the Depths of the Great Bergen Swamp...FN13ac"

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