Re: Buried Coax


From: Roy G. Jackson (
Date: Fri Nov 15 1996 - 18:08:36 EST

I have 1.5" PVC pipe running between my yard shed and the house, a distance
of approximately 100 feet. I attached a ping pong ball to a piece of string
and dropped it in one end. I put the ball of twine on a nail so it could
spin freely. I then taped the hose from my shop vac to the opposite end of
the pipe. I barely got the vac turned on before I heard the ping pong ball
hit the hose. It worked great! I suppose a smaller ball would work as well
in smaller pipe.

Roy G. Jackson Amateur Station NY9B Michigan City, IN.
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> To pull string through conduit, we use
> a vacuum machine on one end and suck
> the string through. Greenlee makes
> a machine just for that purpose. A good
> shop vac should work.

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