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From: chuck adams (
Date: Fri Nov 15 1996 - 17:16:54 EST


Dinner for you and wife at a LOCAL restaurant to you, i.e.
within a 30 minute or so drive, so that I am not out the
travel charges. I learned a long time ago to specify those
conditions on a small bribe to the restuarant of your choice
as you'd probably say McDonalds in Honolula HI. ;-)
Tell Doug not to up the ante. He keeps getting all my money
for hardware as it is. This quarter the 38-special and then
after the first of the year the SST. Next thing we know
it'll be the Stealth or F-16 or ....

That is if TX wins the race the night you are getting to eat.
Be sure to swing the vertical around to our direction. :-)

By the way word has it that CA QRPers are using antennas so
big that NV is groundwave and they can't work anyone within
1,000 miles.

What you may want to do is work all the others first and
then take a list and greenstamps for the remaining TX/CA gang.
Who says you can't make money being a ham?

Forgot about the time change didn't you when you set your
slot up? :-)

Oh, as a side note to the gang. Ever wonder why in order
to get credit for a fox contact you have to get all or most
of the exchange? Why was the exchange so lengthy? Well,
I'll tell you kids, gather round the fire and grab a cup
of hot chocolate and listen to the OM.

I listened last night for a while to the DX late on 40m.
I heard CX4GL, VA3TNS, KH6AFS, CO2FC, J87GU, YU5BLP, V31V,
and a multitude of others. Now you wanna work 200+ stations
an hour? Be a DXer and learn to send your call and 599.
That is it. I don't know any names of the guys except Sam
KH6AFS. No QTH's, no names, no wx, no Dayton report,
no rigs, no power levels, ..., no fun.

But, like SS, by having a longer exchange format we are
doing code practice at the same time. In fact, I'd bet
a bunch of people are listening and are or should be writing
down all the exchanges. It'll improve your CW and you'll
learn all the calls of the guys and girls that do operate.
Learn the names that go with the calls and the great state
they are in. State of bliss most likely if they worked the

Also we all learning the ins and outs of propagation on 40m
the one band that keeps on ticking year after year and in
and out of sunspot cycles.

And it is fun IMHO.

OK, drop in another marshmellow and enjoy the fire in the
fireplace. Turn on the old rig and listen for the little
beacon(s) on 7.039MHz. You just might hear one of those
little QRPp rigs called the 40-9er. There sure are a lot
of them out there. With and without mods. :-)

dit dit es gl
Chuck Adams (K5FO CP-60) WAS 40m/30m/20m=49/49/50
EMPS QSOs=109 STATES(w/c)=34/2 DX=0

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