40-9er Contest


From: Bob Kellogg (ae4ic@nr.infi.net)
Date: Fri Nov 15 1996 - 13:15:28 EST


Tonight's the last night to get in on the fun!

Since I'm not competing, I loaned my 40-9er to a friend. Each night, I've
sort of bopped around with my NW40, trying to find as many 40-9ers as
possible. There's always been several to work, some of them unmodified,
running 200 or 250mw. Last night I heard a pileup on one of them! Sounded
just like a rare DX station!

I've worked a lot of friends from this list, and some QRPers not on the list
who are just getting in on the action. Very enjoyable. The QRO guys surely
have noticed 7.040+/- buzzing this week.

If you've not made many contacts, don't be discouraged and be sure to send
in your logs. There will not be a lot of high scores in this contest, it's
tough. It will be fun to see how many participants we had. You may win a
prize, too. The level of participation in this contest may determine
whether or not we have future similar ones. (SST?)

Bob Kellogg, AE4IC
Prolably, but not nececelery. - Benny Hill

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