Re: 49er


From: Jim Hydzik (
Date: Fri Nov 15 1996 - 13:10:10 EST

Hi Jim,
>Last eve I heard W03B calling CQ many times during the 49er..
>I answered his call as many times, while tuning around his zero
>beat. freq., but with no reply.
>Is it better to tune my transmitter above or below QNZ
>(zero beat) to be heard by a 49er ?

I had the same experience with Bob last night and snagged him at 350 Hz
below zerobeat. Knowing that Bob is a good op, the ole up-down shift was
sure to work but there was no joy going up 500-600 Hz so I made the leap
right down to -350 and bingo, he came right back to one call at that shift.
Like others have said, you just don't know what RIT mods have been made to
each 49ER you here. Ain't this fun !!!

Last night was superb and it was a real treat to have worked so many 49er's.
Tonoght we'll se if all those 5-land stations are still in there. I logged
over 12 49-stations last night in 30 minutes. WJ4P was the most fun...only
100 Hz off of a QSO above and 200 Hz below other 49-QSOs.
        CUL, Jim K3QIO, Riding the Delaware QRP-only wave :)

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