Re: Buried Coax


From: James Bennett (
Date: Fri Nov 15 1996 - 12:37:31 EST

Here is what I did for my buried feedline to my vertical.
I used some 1" black plastic pipe/tubing which I found at the local
Home Depo. plumbing department. It is sometimes used for low pressure
water supply. I got a roll of 100ft for ~$10.
Before burying the tubing, I unrolled it in my back yard and ran nylon
twine through it. To do this, I used a steel nut tied to 12lb test
fishing line. By using a magnet from an old car speaker and simple
physics, I was able to pull the nut and fishing line through the tube.
I then used the fishing line to pull the nylon twine through the tube.
Next, I buried it across the yard from the garage (location of the
antenna) and into my basement for a run of ~75ft. I then used the nylon
twine to pull the coax and control wires for my bandswitching network
through the tubing. I left the twine long enough to still extend out
of both ends of the tubing in case I want to add more lines later or
replace one.
I didn't worry about using special coax as this method protects it
from contact with the soil.
The only change I would make if I did this again would be to use larger
tubing to allow more feedlines as I add antennas.

Good luck,
James Bennett

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