QRP New Calls (last call)


From: Bill Acito 15-Nov-1996 1032 (acito@asdg.ENET.dec.com)
Date: Fri Nov 15 1996 - 11:05:21 EST

        KC1GS Bill Acito is now W1PA
        K1MON George Caswell is now W1ME
        WA1YIA Owen Quarles is now K1OJ
        NW1J Mike Rioux is now W1USN
        KB1GO Phil Rutledge is now K1HS
        WA2YTE Larry Deering is now W2GL
        KG2DP Bill Creekmore is now W2DP
        WA2UAX Gary McCaughey is now W2UX
        KB2TEO Kevin Glynn is now N2TO
        WA3ULH Rob Capon is now W3DX
        KJ4XR/K3RFN Ken Evans is now W4DU
        AE4CA Bob Edwards is now W4ED
        AC4QO Bob Scott is now W4FPJ
        N5OCD Brian Lewis is now K5RV
        WB6AAM Jay Coote is now W6CJ
        WT6P P. Grover Cleveland is now K7TP
        N6PDX Jim Bennett is now W6JHB
        N6HCS Paul Carreiro is now N6EV
        N6XI Rick Tavan is now N7TN
        N6MVE Mike Wood is now K6MW
        AA7QY Roger Hightower is now N7KT
        W7UOX Phil Wheeler is now W7OX
        KF8AT Floyd Soo is now W8RO
        WB8ZJL Paul Valko is now W8KC
        AA8VN Frank Forsyth III is now W8XI
        K9DZE Allen Jones is now W9DZ
        WA0RPI Jim Lageson is now N0UR
        To be notified:
        QRP-NE, CoQRP, QRP-L, G-QRP, ARCI, Norcal, K5FO
        MI-QRP, ARS, NW-QRP

        Last call... anyone else?
    . . . . . . - I own my own words - . . . . . .
    Bill Acito
    |d|i|g|i|t|a|l| Digital Equipment Corporation Hudson, MA
    W1PA qrp-ne qrp-l adv-rs arci norcal amsat-na arrl-life
     (ex kc1gs)

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