Completed kit: Ten-Tec 1251 Artificial Ground


From: Scott Rosenfeld NF3I (
Date: Thu Nov 14 1996 - 18:19:30 EST

Well, here's the review...

It works very well. It's about 1/2 the volume of the MFJ unit (931) and
doews the same function. The manual does not hold your hand as much as
the manual for the 1208 transverter does, although it's still pretty good.

You have to wind the main, 47-position inductor (toroidal) by hand with
silver wire. This is a bit challenging but not overly hard. The meter
went into the case a little loosely; some two-sided tape would work well,
althogh i chose to use a self-sticking rubber foot between the meter and
the sub-chassis behind it in order to keep pressure on it.

The circuit board requires winding of one toroid, which is an easy task.
There are roughly 11 (?) components on the circuit board, and it's well
made and marked (as usual).

The case is the standard Ten-Tec clamshell unit, painted black. It is
very sturdy.

The only problems encountered:

1) The rotating mechanism in the inductor bound up. This completely
surprised the the TT sales rep I spoke to, as it's the same unit used in
the 291 tuner. A squirt of Teflon-liquid wrench freed it up. I was
promised a new inductor if this problem were to recur.

2) The clamshell case, on 3rd opening, had two of the four screw holes
strip. They're held in place by self-tappers, and the holes eventually
strip (arrrggghhhhh!). I'm looking at bigger screws or ANYTHING
else...I've been given a new case by TT for my trouble...apparently, it's
a common problem but they're working on it...

All in all, GREAT kit. For $49, compared to the $75 MFJ, it's relatively
easy to build, and it works.

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