Re: Available callsigns


From: Larry Makoski (
Date: Fri Nov 15 1996 - 07:08:11 EST

> OK, OK, this is not QRP related but you've got only yourselves to blame
> :-)
> I originally passed on gate 2 without much thought. However, all the
> excitement on the list and locally has gotten my curiosity up enough to
> try and determine what 1x2's are still available. Any clue's on how to
> determine this? Is there a database of unused calls on the internet
> somewhere or do I have to write my own S/W to search SAM or the like?
> Even so, SAM wouldn't contain any of the gate 2 allocations.
> Any advice appreciated,
> Tnx es 72/73, Danny- AD4YO
> Danny,

Go to the QRZ home page. They have a listing of all the 1X2 and 2X1
callsigns still unclaimed. The page is updated daily. The only hitch is
that there's no way of distinguishing which of these available calls has
been vacated for less than two years. So technically, a unoccupied call
which has been vacant for LESS than two years is not usable under the
vanity callsign program; but might be listed anyway.

Larry N2ELW

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