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From: Roger Hightower (
Date: Sat Nov 02 1996 - 21:25:17 EST

Little over 5 hours into the contest and time to teak a brain break.

Most folk seem to be using computer programs with keying circuits, but don't
know how to slow them down. 30-35 wpm is regular, but I have to grit my
teeth when one of those QRQ types asks "NR?" then "SEC?" then "CK?" after
having sent his exchange at light speed.
Mostly 6-land calls, too. Also a lot of B precedents out there. Kind of
fun to nail one of them with a "Q".

Picked up the Yukon for the first time in 5 yrs, and got TWO KL7's in a row,
folowed almost immediately by a KH6/ for the PAC section.

In the habit of looking for unworked sections, so the total Q rate is low,
but the Q's per Section is only 1.3. One year I worked 76 sections with 113
q's....not to be this time.

Hope you're having fun. Gonna fill the rest of this 30 min rest period with
cookies and milk, then hit it again. Only one qrp'er so far. Where are you

72/73 de Roger AA7QY

NorCal 1099 CoQRP 176 QRP-L 62 G-QRP 9081 ARCI 8946 NE-QRP 383

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