Re: dipoles and ladderline


From: M. Monninger (
Date: Sat Nov 02 1996 - 21:04:53 EST

At 08:25 PM 11/2/96 -0500, Clay wrote:

> It sure would be nice if one could use something to allow the balun
>output to see the proper range of impedance to function properly.
>With all of these lossy tuners and lossy mismatched baluns, what is
>a poor young aspiring QRP'r to do? :-(.
One way to do it is to use the balun at the input to the tuner. But then you
gotta 'float' the tuner. Or use one designed to work that way...there's one
in the Handbook designed by Zak Lau.

OR...just put up your antenna and use it. Don't sweat the details. If it
works, that's what counts. I think Jess posted something similar the other day.

You'd be surprised what you can get to work if you don't know it's impossible.

73... Mark AA7TA

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