GoList and LogWindows ?


From: ukii (ukii@megsinet.net)
Date: Sat Nov 02 1996 - 20:40:41 EST

Hello All...
        SORRY,non QRP related,BUT,this is the most
informative/helpful/friendly/outgoing/selfless/thoughtfull bunch of
folks I know that I am sure you would be glad to help! (hehehe)

        Please,can someone help me get the Golist
working with logwin 3.0???
I bought the program when it first came out,(logwin) so I am not sure
if there was a bug in it or what...anyway,
        I am using Windows 95. I did include path=c:\golist
and also set golist=c:\golist\golist.exe neither seem to help matters.
When I click on the QSL button,a small "msdos" icon shows up on
windows95 tool bar,at the bottom. The cursor goes to the hourglass while
over the logwin program like its "thinking" but never does anything.
When I click on that "dos icon" i see the dos prompt,then
File Not Found


After I close that window,the qsl info DOES go into the logwin program
like it should... ANY IDEAS?????
Please help me...I am goin nutz!
Best 73 de john

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