Nutter vert ant question


Date: Sat Nov 02 1996 - 17:34:25 EST

        So far so good I have the antenna up and running with four radials
(morre to come as I get the time) The base of the vertical is about 6 feet
off the ground.
         I also have an inverted vee up 40ft at the peak and I have now put
300 ohm foam center twinlead on both antennas. They tune in real easy....
great so far.
                        NOW TO THE QUESTION

        What can I expect if I put both antenna feedlines on the tuner at
the same time? Will my powerr divide into the two antennas? Or will only one
load while the other one sits?
        two antennas two leadins of 300 ohm twinlead (foam center) connected
paralled to my tuner... What can I expect? or would I just be shooting
myself in the leg! (so to speak) never did that before don't wont to try it
        And the answer is????

Thanks guys and gals you are the best!!
Bye now
God Bless

WA5CVM Qrp ARCI #4066 NE-QRP #476 QRP-L #765
Joel Denison
81 High street 33ft Vertical
Farmington, Maine 04938 QRP PLUS 5w SSB & CW

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