Re: TREE FISHING SCORE -2 (A Zuni Perspective)


From: Paul F. Carreiro (
Date: Sat Nov 02 1996 - 18:16:39 EST

At 08:18 PM 11/2/96 PST, Ernie, AA1IK wrote:
>My question is this: Do any of you get more than 50 feet of
>elevation using a sling shot, if so, how?
>What kind of line do you use and how much weight.
>My sling shot will shoot a .5 oz. weight 90 feet without
>a line attached. I would really like to get the sling shot
>method working because it is not always practical to use a
>bow and arrow.

Ok guys, I'm taking a big chance here. My fellow Zuni Loopers may not
allow me back after I reveal the following secrets. Actually, all this
(with a few exceptions) is published in the book referenced below, so I
guess I'm on safe ground.

Ernie, the answer to your question is YES, you can get more than 50 feet
of elevation using a sling shot. At the Zuni Loop FD, our antennas top
the 100 and sometimes 120 foot pines, all using the "Zuni-Loop, hand
operated,elastic, anti-gravity device". (Ref: Low Power Communications
Volume 2, Advanced QRP Operating, by Richard Arland, K7YHA, Page 74.)

Here are the established Zuni requirements for one of these magical devices:

        Use a good quality wrist rocket slingshot (go to a sportsman store).
        An enclosed spinning real (Like a Zebco), the lower the vertical
                profile the better. (My personal choice is the Diawa
                "Jupiter 5 Model 20" reel. With a vertical height of only
                2 3/4 inches, it's the best I've found. The price was right
                too at only $7.00!!)
        Attach the spinning real _in front and below_ the sling shot, close
                enough such that the bail release can be operated by a finger
                with hand still on the sling shot grip, yet low enough such
                that the sinker will not hit the reel. There have been a few
                interesting ideas on how to do this. I'll leave this a Zuni
                secret. :)

        (Here is where I may get into trouble with my fellow Zuni's as it's
        based on their 10+ years of trial and error.)

        Use 6 lb test, (stay away from cheap monofilament) fishing line that
                has been soaked overnight in water before the shoot.
        Use a 1 oz, oval sinker with eyelet on one end (common type), painted
                florescent orange (or other bright color of your choice).
                I'm going to try yellow/black next year. That is supposed
                to be the best eye catching combination. And besides, seems
                we are always able to pick out a bumble bee easily right?
        Soak everything in silicone spray to reduce friction (reel, bail,
                line, and sinker)

        Shoot with little or no wind if possible, or with the wind favoring
                the direction you are shooting. (Not a very easy task up at
                the Zuni Loop.)
        Make sure there is no one in your target region.. these are dangerous
                devices and can injure easily if care is not taken.
        After having a few wrist rocket elastics break and snap back in my
                face, I highly recommend either safety glasses/goggles or
                good quality anti-breakage glasses be worn while shooting,
                the eye you save will be your own.
        Once the line has been shot to the desired level in the tree, and the
                sinker retrieved, use good grade un-waxed poly/cotton cord
                for the intermediate line. Once the intermediate line has
                been routed through the tree, attach your final, heavy cable,
                rope or cord that will support the antenna and route through
                the tree.
        Personal opinion here.. Do not allow children to play with your new
                launcher. It is not a toy. Secure it as you would a weapon.

Well, that's it. The guys up at Zuni Loop got a kick out of my space age,
Rambo looking launcher in June. Just wait till they see what I have in
store for them next June... a laser site for night shooting. hehehehe

Boy, this QRP stuff really brings out the Rambo in me.

Have fun and be safe.
Paul N6HCS /M /QRP /QRQ (Not for long.. anxiously awaiting new call)

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