RE: Little Leos -- Follow Up


Date: Sat Nov 02 1996 - 16:17:48 EST


Brian, N5ZGT wrote:

<< Keep sending those letters & E-Mails! This thing isn't over till the big
WRC meeting in `97. Let's keep up the heat, but be civil about it.

Well, maybe. Read on:

<< In the first processing round, the Commission licensed three Little
        LEO systems to serve the United States, FCC spokesperson Meribeth
        McCarrick told Newsbytes.
        McCarrick said the Notice proposes and seeks comments on the
        licensing of one to three applicants to provide service in certain
        spectrum blocks, limiting participation in the second processing
        round to "new" applicants, and holding an auction if there are
        mutually exclusive applicants.
        "The proposed technical rules reflect extensive cooperative efforts
        among the Commission and the Executive Branch to make room for
        additional private satellite systems by creating opportunities for
        sharing spectrum among private and government users," the
        Commissioners wrote.
        The Commission expects to issue a final order on licensing rules in
        early 1997 and proceed to licensing immediately thereafter. Comments
        to this Notice are due November 29, 1996.>>

Sorry for the non-QRP band width, (at least for those that don't do qrp on 2M
:-) )

Sure looks to me like the FCC isn't waiting for any WARC conference. With
three licenses already granted, those companies are probably into heavy $$$

My 2 cents.

73, Bob

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