From: Steve Miller (
Date: Sat Nov 02 1996 - 15:59:08 EST

>My question is this: Do any of you get more than 50 feet of
>elevation using a sling shot, if so, how?
>What kind of line do you use and how much weight.
>My sling shot will shoot a .5 oz. weight 90 feet without
>a line attatched.

>I have tried mono but it coils and won't feed off of the
>fishing pole for long. I get about 30 feet there.
>Spider thread breaks. Ice fishing line (40 lbs. test), is
>great with the bow, not so good with the sling shot.

Ernie, I use a 1 or 2 oz lead ball weight. Has an eye to tie the line to the
I use a BIG spinning reel and 1/2 a pole. Be sure the bail is open! I have
not had
good luck with standard baitcasting or levelwind reels - too much drag on
the line.
I use 15 or 20 pound test mono line. Good luck. By the way, with that much
weight be sure the coast is clear. I shoot from close up to the tree so the
line comes back down close in on the other side. 73.

Steve Miller (CN-85) Norcal #308 QRP-L #109 ARCI # 9230
Norcal 40A es Oak Hills Spirit II es dipole

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