Date: Sat Nov 02 1996 - 23:18:06 EST

Date: 11/02/96
Time: 20:18:07

This message was sent by Chameleon
Hello Gang,

Not too much wind, humm, good day to get some antennas
up a little higher.

Well it was a nice day, but the antennas are on the ground
instead of up higher. Sad but true, Murphy was looking over
my shoulder today.

I first tried to use the sling shot method. I could only
get about 50 feet of elevation that way.
So I swithched to the old reliable bow and fishing arrow
method. The shot was perfect. I pulled up the antenna line
and it got stuck, pulled harder, it broke.

I use a permanent line to hold up a pulley and a second line
to raise and lower the antenna. The line holding the pulley
was stuck(and of course I had no more line or pullies).

My question is this: Do any of you get more than 50 feet of
elevation using a sling shot, if so, how?

What kind of line do you use and how much weight.
My sling shot will shoot a .5 oz. weight 90 feet without
a line attatched. I would realy like to get the sling shot
method working because it is not always practical to use a
bow and arrow.

I have tried mono but it coils and won't feed off of the
fishing pole for long. I get about 30 feet there.
Spider thread breaks. Ice fishing line (40 lbs. test), is
great with the bow, not so good with the sling shot.

I have 2 antennas on the ground now, awaiting more rope.
A 160 and a 30 meter. Not a tradgedy, but not as bad as
taking the dog run down.I did that too and ripped a big hole
in my pants.

Tomorrow is another day. :-)

de AA1IK

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