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From: Jay D Miller (wa5whn@juno.com)
Date: Sat Nov 02 1996 - 10:06:01 EST

'all - y'all (Texas's version of "Dear All")

During cycle 22, just off of the solar sunspot peak, I had my Uniden HR
2510 (these were cheap, used, less than $75.00 @ Hamfests) in the
vehicle. My Lovely Bride (WB5LYJ) & I were near Chaco Canyon (New Mexico,
ancient site), and was monitoring 29.6 MHz FM. 1's & 8's were full
quieting (USA), when I had started to copy someone with a German accent.
Guess what People ? Full quieting, near Chaco Canyon, I was working
several Germans, who did not believe where I was. So, when 10 meters is
open, Tom (WB5QYT) is correct, You don't need much to play. BTW, I still
have that Uniden HR2510 & it's not for sale.

Whomever it was, who had pointed me to the new ARRL book, "QRP Power",
from Canada, thanks. I had read that on the plane (cover to cover). WOW !
Joe Gervais & the Az. scQRPions, should check out the photo of KB6FPW on
page 3-22, the same photo is on the cover too. What a great photo for
FYBO in Feb., '97.

The airlines used to get upset when I would take out my kits, within the
planes, and the air crew would spot my butane soldering iron. They like
to remind You a gadzillion times that smoking is illegal, on all USA
domestic flights. I don't smoke, my iron does. Oh, oh, they must have
mistaken it for an assault soldering iron. ;-)

This plane trip had taken me to New England, on business, unannounced. I
had known that the New England QRP Crowd had something to hide. When You
arrive, unannounced (Try this one Chuck), very little traffic @ Logan
(Boston), People are nice to You (Can You believe that in New England
??), and no snow. You can actually drive 75 mph on the Mass. Turnpike,
except for those illegal tax collection toll booths, (Too slow in
Montana, NM, & Nevada). In fact, the Wx was very nice, much better than
the 2 snow storms that were clobbering the Rockies & the SW USA at that
time. I think when I announce that I am coming to New England, they
fabricate this winter wonderland scenario, just to make us think that New
England is such a bad place to reside. It's punishment enough to see the
Commonwealth of Mass. re-elect Ted Kennedy every year. New England is one
of the few places where old steam heaters are still used & there is no
un-incorporated land, not like in the SW USA, where You can drive 20
minutes & not see another Human, as long as You want. Guess where I had
attached my ground, for my 30 meter antenna dangling out the 3rd floor
window ? Ah ha, that was my mistake. Once they (QRP Types in New England)
hear any call, other than a 1, then immediately go into action & call
each other. Quick, find some frost on the pumpkins, turn on the VLF/ULF
tx's and modify the Wx pattern. It's too short of a notice to create
snow, so let's water the highways, and make it look as if it was a
torrential down pour, that had caused all of this. I was discovered, a
WA5 in New England. I had egressed out of the area immediately & high
tailed it (Texan talk again) to Texas, there a WA5 can blend in, if I did
not open my mouth, just nod, smile at cattle & speak cw alot.

I was also scouting New England for either PNP or NPN 12 VDC final
transistors. No luck, in finding those little critters (Texan talk again)
once they knew I was there.

Oh, and I don't take any medication, so I would act "Abie-Normal"
(Remember Mel Brook's Movie, "Young Frankenstein" ?), in New England.

Have a nice Thanksgiving Holiday...

                                       de WA5WHN 72 SK

PS Don't forget the Socorro, New Mexico Hamfest, Nov. 23, 1996 at the
NMT-Gym, talk-in on 146.68 MHz (-). NA5N will have a QRP Table there.
Socorro is approximately 72 miles south of Albuquerque, New Mexico on
I-25. There will be a great upcoming article (by N1IRZ) in "QST" about
Socorro, New Mexico's Ham Population. Look for it.

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