RE: Buy hose cheap 10M Rigs Now (sic)


From: Frank G3YCC (
Date: Sat Nov 02 1996 - 05:18:46 EST

Yes, we are poorly done by. A few years ago, I obtained a multimode
that covered all of our 10m band and CB for 35 pounds. It worked
great. I had super QSOs into Africa etc on low power SSB and a simple
antenna. Then I was informed I could apply for official
verification/certification for the rig from the licensing
- WRONG! They informed me to either:
1 to disable the rig and discard
2 to send them the rig for disposal
I must NOT use the rig for any purposes (including amateur use on
amateur bands!)
I wish I hadn't asked them now! I got rid of it, pity.
The moral of the story? The twelfth commandment: thou shall not be
found out.
And Britain is supposed to support amateur radio!
Frank G3YCC GQRP 042
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