RE: What happens when Cycle 23 kicks in?


From: Paul R. Valko (
Date: Sat Nov 02 1996 - 03:06:49 EST

On Fri, 1 Nov 1996, L. B. Cebik wrote:

> E-W and W-E in the same hemisphere: that takes real sunspots!

I always enjoy your posts L.B.. This one is right on target too. I hear
a lot of the new folks on the repeaters, who have yet to enjoy a
sunspot maximum talk about "DX" and the band (usually 10M) being open
to "Texas and Florida" (from Michigan!).

<speaking to ops licenced after 1993...>

When the sunspots return, you'll all know it, because you'll work a west
european one contact and an asian station the next... at midnight... on
15... with a dipole... QRP... etc.

Don't hold your breath though... it's still a good three or four years
away. :-( Which is why you should refrain from getting caught up in
DXing, QRP is a much saner alternative :-)

Lot's of foxhunting and 40/80M rag chews until then!

73! =paul= wb8zjl
emps: QSO-4 States-4 DX-0

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