From: Bob Tellefsen-CNSE97 (
Date: Wed Oct 30 1996 - 22:38:00 EST

Well, guess I'll have to remember this night as the night of the Indiana Ghost
Fox. Even with an unusually low noise level, I never heard either Barry or
anyone working him. Did hear one Alabama station near 7112, but that's the best
dx reception tonight. Spent two hours searching around 7112 and 7121, but not a
peep or a yip. Had a good rain earlier tonight, probably why the noise level
was down. Power insulators got their first wash of the season. With all the
clear muddy ground, you'd think even a Fox would leave a few footprints. No

Oh, well. Better luck next time. Hope someone worked Barry. Have to keep the
Novices pumped so they'll come back and keep us old barnyard dogs entertained.

72 to all all and to all a good night.

Bob N6WG

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